Monday, October 9, 2017

Why can't Beau open his eyes?

Beau is a 3-year old Siamese Seal Point male cat. We rescued him when he was abandoned by his owner in a trailer park. He owes his name to his beautiful point coloring, but Beau can't open his eyes. He has a condition called "entropion," whereby his lower eyelashes brush against the cornea, causing inflammation and infection. If you have ever had an eyelash stuck in your eye, you may get a sense of how painful and maddening this can be. Beau's condition can be fixed through surgery--at a cost of $900. But Beau came to us without a credit card, and he needs help. He will be grateful for any contribution, in any amount, and it's tax deductible. Can you help Beau so he can open his beautiful blue eyes?

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