Thursday, September 5, 2019

Update on MIA

Mia was rescued from living in a filthy cage at a hoarder’s house. The 6-year-old Maltese has recovered from the ordeal, but both her rear knees have torn ligaments. She is being carried from room to room because she can’t walk. We took her to Dr. Bryant, our veterinarian. She estimated the surgery to repair the torn ligaments plus rehabilitation sessions would cost $2280 minus a 10% discount we receive as a rescue organization. Cats’ Angels is asking for donations so that Mia can have her surgery and live the rest of her life without pain.
Update on Mia: she has had her surgery and is now recovering. She will have to stay crated for one month so she can heal properly. Mia's foster mom says: It's going to be a long month! But no more pain for Mia after that.

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