Who We Are

Cats' Angels, Inc. is a group of several Austin area foster homes. We do not have a facility to house the cats and we have very limited space and therefore limited ability to accept cats from the public. We foster out of our homes, and care for and find homes for abandoned or neglected cats. Cats' Angels volunteers also trap/neuter/release feral or stray cats in order to reduce overpopulation and decrease euthanasia at municipal shelters. It is also the purpose of our organization to increase public awareness of the pet overpopulation crisis and encourage early spaying and neutering. Please, remember that if you are feeding one un-spayed cat today and don't take action, you may have to feed twenty cats in a year.

From our President

Dear readers: My name is Danielle and I am the founder and president of Cats' Angels, Inc. In the last twelve years, our volunteers have worked very hard to get hundreds of abandoned cats and kittens off the street and place them in permanent homes. Today, with a slow economy and a no-kill policy at Austin's shelter, finding homes for cats has become a much bigger challenge. Our volunteers have therefore stepped up their effort to spay and neuter stray and feral cats, because there aren't enough homes for all the newborn kittens. We encourage all new cat owners to spay their kittens as early as 4-month old, as a female cat can become pregnant at that age.

We rely on donations from the public to fund veterinary care for the many injured and sick cats and kittens that are brought to us, and on foster homes to keep cats and kittens until they get adopted. We currently don't have enough foster homes to accept new cats and kittens, so if you are in a position to foster, we would welcome your help.

Please consider volunteering and/or making a small donation to Cats' Angels, so that we can continue our work. I wish all of you a wonderful time with your furry friends.