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Sir Van Purr says: I'm 10 months old, a small brown Tabby with beautiful markings.  Yes, I am dignified and reserved due to my upbringing, but I can be quite affectionate when I get to know you. Here's my secret: I'll love you even if you're a common human.  I won't check your pedigree, your bank account or your credit score. I'm only interested in knowing one thing about you: The size of your heart. And if there's room for a posh purrball like me, then it's just the right size. 

SVP is easy going, gets along well with other cats, and he has a friend, Vinny (see below.) The two love each other, and would love to be adopted together. Vinny is quite outgoing, whereas SVP prefers a quiet home. SVP has excellent litter box manners and scratching post habits. He's been vaccinated, neutered and microchipped. 

Mighty Mouse is a one-year old male kitty with a great disposition. He is very sweet, sociable, easy-going, and so elegant in his black coat. He is playful, good with other cats and would do well in a home with children old enough to play with him. He uses the litter box dutifully, eats his canned food with gusto, and lets his foster mom clip his claws. Mighty Mouse has been neutered, and fully vaccinated. He tested negative for feline leukemia and FIV.

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Isla is an elegant 1 ½ year-old short-hair kitty with a very sweet disposition. She was given her name, which means island in Spanish, after she was rescued from a creek as a small kitten. Active and playful, this pretty girl is also affectionate and will enjoy cuddling on your lap when you watch television. She loves human attention and purrs and makes biscuits when you pet her. When she is not batting her toy mice around the house, Isla sits at the window watching birds and squirrels for hours. She uses her litter box dutifully, is spayed, microchipped, and up to date on vaccination. Isla would thrive in a home where she is the only cat, as she wants all the attention. 

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Update: Isla now has a forever home. Yeah!

Tigger is a 6-month old male kitten with a great disposition. Outgoing, social, Tiger has never met a stranger. Look at him, and he will purr and make biscuits. Pet him, and he will be in heaven. Tiger is very active and playful, but not rambunctious. He will thrive in a home with children old enough to play with him, with or without another young cat or a playful dog. He has excellent litter box manners. He is healthy, fully vaccinated, and neutered. 

Good news: Tigger has been adopted!

Josie  is a 7-month old black and white Tuxedo female. Although shy at first, Josie is in fact very people friendly and affectionate. She is moderately active yet quite playful. She will do well in a quiet home and will get along with another calm cat or a gentle dog.  She uses the litterbox dutifully, is healthy, and fully vaccinated. She is spayed and tested negative for feline leukemia and FIV. 

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Danica is a 5-month old blue Tuxedo female kitty. This precious girl has a gorgeous blue/grey coat with a white mask and white bib.  She loves to play and cuddle with other kittens. On the shy side initially, she has adjusted well to her foster home and is becoming more trusting every day. Danica has very good litter box manners. She will thrive in a quiet home by herself or with another kitten or cat.
All Cats' Angels kitties are healthy, neutered, tested for feline leukemia and FIV, vaccinated and microchipped.  

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Peppercorn is a 7-month old, Bombay sweetheart female with a super soft, black coat and, gorgeous twinkly eyes!  She loves to play and has such fun grooming and wrestling with her siblings. 
Give her most any toy and this sparkly girl will play away!  She's an all around ray of sunshine! 

She has been vaccinated, tested, spayed and micro-chipped.    

Vinny is a handsome 2 year old Tuxedo boy. He is sociable, sweet and affectionate, and he loves to have his chin and ears scratched. Playful and very active, Vinny has a little friend, sir Van Purr, with whom he has bonded and we hope they will be adopted together. He  would do well with children old enough to play with him. Vinny is well behaved and has excellent litter box habits. He has been vaccinated, tested (negative,) neutered and micro-chipped, and he is ready for his forever home. 

Geneva--This 2-year-old Russian Blue/Tuxedo mix girl has lively gold/green eyes and a beautiful shiny coat. Geneva is loving, gentle and well behaved, and she loves people’s attention.  She likes to play with her toys and sometimes races around the house but she is generally a low-key kind of gal.   She is OK with other cats but would do best as the only cat.  She would prefer a quiet home. She uses the litter box dutifully and is content to stay indoors. Geneva is healthy, spayed, tested (negative for feline leukemia and FIV), vaccinated and microchipped. For information about adopting this sweet girl, please contact Mary Ellen at maryellenpon@yahoo.com

Good news: Geneva has been adopted!

Freddie is a handsome 2-year old orange and white tabby, and so proud of his ringed tail! He is a social and confident cat, shall we say an alpha cat? He is active and playful yet is happy to be an indoor only cat. He likes to interact and play with people, and purrs when he gets human attention. Leo would do well in a home with older kids who would play with him, or with a gentle dog after proper introduction. He eats canned and dry food, uses the litter box dutifully, is up to date on all shots, neutered, and negative for feline leukemia and FIV.

Good news: Freddie has been adopted!

Pippin is a 3-year old brown Tabby male with beautiful tiger stripes and a soft short hair coat. He is a cool kitty; he sits next to my computer or on my lap while I type, and at night he lies down next to me and makes biscuits. Playful, his favorite game is the feather wand. he can jump really high to catch the feather. Active, easy going, moderately outgoing, Pippin gets first prize for being affectionate and he loves human company. He enjoys short brushing sessions and lets me clip his claws easily.  At 12 lbs, he is a large but lean, athletic cat. He eats canned food and chicken hearts,and is generally a very sweet kitty. Pippin would do well as a single cat in a quiet household with a human who can give him a lot of attention. He is neutered and up to date on all shots.  

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Zena is a 1 1/2 year old short hair Brown Tabby female. She is a petite cat and will stay small as an adult. She is active and playful and gets along very well with other cats.
We found Zena as a stray kitten. We have been working on socializing her with humans, and she has made great progress with her foster mom but  still doesn't trust new people. She loves to be petted around her neck and has a loud purr. As a kitten, Zena had severe diarrhea. She is currently on a diet of cooked chicken hearts and chicken gizzards with supplements, which has improved her diarrhea dramatically. She has gained weight and her hair is shiny. We believe that she should continue on this diet at least for now.
Because of her lack of trust in people and her restricted diet, Zena is considered a special needs kitty. She would do best in a quiet household with one or two adults, as an only cat or with another playful young cat. A potential adopter should be aware that it will take some time for Zena to adjust to a new home.

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Zeke is a 1 1/2 year old Siamese male with gorgeous blue eyes. He is a handsome boy, very sweet and cuddly after he gets to know the person, but found as a feral kitten, Zeke  still hides when he meets new people. He gets along well with all other kittens in his foster home. He is quite active and playful and loves his toys.
Zeke would be a wonderful companion to another cat or kitten but hasn't had any close up experiences with dogs or children. A potential adopter should be aware that it will take some time for Zeke to adjust to a new home.

Watson is a big brown and white tabby\tuxedo-cat. His sweet disposition seems to have a calming effect on everyone around him.  He is quiet, gentle and well behaved. After a good nap he is happy to have his neck scratched and likes to plop down nearby to provide companionship and show his appreciation. He is a gentle male who gets along well with other cats, but would probably hide in a home with hyper-active young children. He is fine with dogs who are relaxed and cat friendly. He is perfectly litter box trained and enjoys using his scratching post and playing with pompom balls. He is 6 years old and has been neutered, vaccinated, tested and microchipped.   

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Rosie is a sweet 5-year old calico girl.  She loves sunbathing on her bed by the window--she also appreciates the bird bath and feeder outside and spends hours watching bird TV.  But she won't hesitate to visit with other pets and supervise any keyboard activity without being a nuisance.  She is affectionate, with a big purr, and she has a fondness for licking hands. She is great with other cats and dogs. She has perfect litter box habits, has been spayed, tested and vaccinated. She would be a great solo companion or a buddy for another kitty. A potential adopter should be aware that it will take some time for Rosie to adjust to a new home.

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