Thursday, March 15, 2018

Watson's mouth aches

Watson is an 8-year old brown Tabby, a long time resident at our shelter. He is a really sweet guy, a peacemaker among the shelter kitties, but today Wilson's mouth aches. He is suffering from stomatitis, an auto-immune condition that causes his body to attack its own teeth. The result: Watson's gums are inflamed, all his teeth infected. Imagine having abscesses on ALL your teeth. The only remedy: remove all the teeth to end the suffering. How will Watson chew his food, you may ask? Not a problem, he likes canned food. Watson has an appointment on March 20, and he is on antibiotic to fight the infection before the extraction. The cost? $800 to $1000, a hefty bill for Cats' Angels, even after the discount we get at that clinic. We are very appreciative of any amount you can contribute to help us relieve Watson's suffering. Please click on the donation button. Donations are tax deductible, we will send you a receipt.

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UpdateWatson had his teeth extracted yesterday. It went well, with no complications. He is on pain medication for three days, after that he will begin a new life without pain, and he will NOT miss his teeth. He loves canned food. The bill came up to $1035. A big thank you to all of you who contributed, we couldn't have done it without your help. But with $700 in donations to date, we are still a bit short of the goal. We continue to accept donations in any size over the next few days. Thank you all!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Beau After Surgery

This is Beau a week after the surgery that relieved his pain. He suffered from a condition called 'entropion' whereby his lower eyelids rolled in so that the eyelashes rubbed against the cornea causing painful ulcers. He is feeling good now, being active and playing with his toys. He has a new lease on life!  His eyes will continue to look better and he is now ready for adoption. And by the way, Beau turned out to be a handsome cross-eyed boy.
 A big thank you to all who donated toward the cost of the surgery, you made it happen! It is wonderful to have so many people respond to help an animal in pain, and I am humbled by your generosity.

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Monday, July 17, 2017


Sophia was adopted from Cats' Angels in 2010 by Hannah, but Hannah gave her away almost immediately to Mary. Mary kept Sophia for 6 years, but then got a young cat and took Sophia to the Georgetown Animal Shelter. I cannot explain why Hannah gave her away, or why Mary abandoned her at the shelter, except to say that some people don't understand cats are sentient beings who are entitled to love and protection from their humans. Sophia is now 12 years old, perhaps a little older even. Maybe she is still hoping for a loving home, or maybe she has given up. Cats Angels will continue to look for a home for Sophia. Please help us by spreading the word.
Update as of December 2017: Sophia has found the loving home she deserves. Yeh! We never gave up on this girl, and we are so happy that she is finally home.

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Friday, June 16, 2017

Baxter: Gold medal for most affectionate cat

Baxter was a kitten born of a feral mother. When he was old enough to be weaned, we caught him and brought him inside to socialize him, and he developed a great personality, super friendly with people as well as with other cats. When he was 6 months old, though, we noticed pus and inflammation in his left eye.  We learned from the eye doctor that he had a piece of skin growing inside in such a way that hair was brushing against the eye ball, causing irritation and infection. He needed surgery. The problem was that the eye clinic required $ 1,900 to remove the piece of skin, and that was well beyond any money we could raise. I took Baxter to my vet, Dr. Bryant, at the Parmer Lane Pet Hospital, and asked her if she could do the surgery at a more affordable cost. Dr. Bryant had not done this before, but she talked to a doctor at the eye clinic who explained the procedure. Confident that she could do it, she agreed to operate on Baxter and was able to remove the problem skin at a fourth of the eye clinic quoted price! Baxter had a full recovery and his eye is now functioning correctly. He was adopted two months later and his new family adores him for a reason: he deserves a gold medal for being the most affectionate cat on the planet. Thank you Dr. Bryant!

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Rocky, the Siamese neighbors could not leave behind


Rocky was born to a feral mother, but he was too gorgeous to be left on the street. Several neighbors noticed him and worked together to give him a chance at a safe and hunger-free life. They trapped him and put him thru the Austin Humane Society feral cat program, then proceeded to tame him. At three years old Rocky had a long way to go, but the compassionate neighbors persevered. Although still shy with new people, he became very friendly once he got to know someone. He learned how to use the litter box, enjoyed being brushed and petted, got along well with other cats, and adjusted to living mostly indoors. With the help of Cats' Angels, Rocky has now been adopted and he is ever so thankful for his new, safe lifestyle.
Rocky will never be hungry again!

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Tail Tale: Conroe

Conroe was a normal kitten but he lived on a street where no one cared much. One day a child grabbed him by the tail causing severe nerve damage at the base of the tail. Someone picked up the injured kitten and took him to the Animal Shelter. The damage was such that the tail had to be amputated, but after the surgery the shelter staff observed that he had lost control of his urination and bowel movements. They considered him unadoptable and decided to euthanize him. At the very last minute, however, a Cats' Angels volunteer asked for and was granted custody of the kitten.