Sunday, November 6, 2022

Cats’ Angels relies on 5 volunteers to carry out our mission of promoting responsible pet ownership and putting an end to pet overpopulation in Austin, Texas. Cats’ Angel Brenda is featured here to illustrate the work our volunteers do. Brenda has been with our organization since 2004 during which time she has spayed/neutered hundreds of strays and ferals and found homes for many of them.

These two brothers with beautiful emerald green eyes were brought to Brenda's front door as kittens by their mother in 2009. There were 4 kittens in the litter. The two females were able to be socialized and were adopted. The two boys didn't have such luck, but they found a home in the comfortable shelter Brenda had built in her backyard.

This young Tom was trapped and is recovering from neuter surgery. He has received his rabies and upper respiratory shots as well as revolution for fleas and de-wormer, and will be returned to his colony after 3 days. He is too feral to be a candidate for adoption but he will continue to be fed and Brenda will watch over him. 

Cats that could not get adopted and didn't have an established colony to return to live their lives in a shelter kept impeccably clean. There is a patio on the side where the residents can hang out for fresh air during the day. 

When Brenda told me that her feeding station for the ferals was invaded by ants, we ordered Diatomaceous Earth to spread around the food bowls. It is food grade and can't hurt the cats, and in fact, it acts as a de-wormer if swallowed by them. It is a natural way to get rid of ants attracted by the food left for the cats.