Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Rocky, the Siamese neighbors could not leave behind


Rocky was born to a feral mother, but he was too gorgeous to be left on the street. Several neighbors noticed him and worked together to give him a chance at a safe and hunger-free life. They trapped him and put him thru the Austin Humane Society feral cat program, then proceeded to tame him. At three years old Rocky had a long way to go, but the compassionate neighbors persevered. Although still shy with new people, he became very friendly once he got to know someone. He learned how to use the litter box, enjoyed being brushed and petted, got along well with other cats, and adjusted to living mostly indoors. With the help of Cats' Angels, Rocky has now been adopted and he is ever so thankful for his new, safe lifestyle.
Rocky will never be hungry again!

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